Bite and Snore Guards

We have noticed several patients coming to us with a complaint of snoring.  There are now several treatemnts that we can render in our office to help! Following is an explination of how they work!

A snoring bite guard utilizes the fact that your lower jawbone of the mouth is connected to the tongue. The guard fits over your jaw in such a way that it protrudes the jaw and lifts both the tongue and a flap of cartilage called the epiglottis out of the way from the back of the throat. Thus, this relieves some of the tension and constriction that’s caused by muscle relaxation as you sleep. Aside from lifting the lower jaw and the tongue out of the way, snoring mouth guards can also treat symptoms of TMJ

When you are fitted for one of these, you are required to have a sufficient number of healthy teeth in both your upper and lower set of teeth so that the bite guard appliance can attach. If necessary, the dentist can set implants so that the guard will fit properly. During the snoring bite guard fitting, the dentist will take impressions of both your top and bottom teeth. These impressions, along with your protrusive bite registration that the dentist requires you to do, are sent to the lab so that the best-fitting bite guard can be made.

Properly fitted snoring bite guards allow snorers to get full, restful nights sleep. Many snorers don’t realize how constantly tired they have been until they stop snoring and finally get a good night’s sleep. Their partners can get an uninterrupted night’s sleep too. If you are a chronic snorer then you really should get your snoring under control, and a stop snoring bite guard might just be the ticket.

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